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Sesame Kefir Raita

Indian food always makes me think of my mother. Specifically, my mother sitting next to me inside the sunny windows of Raja Rani in A2, across from another mother-daughter pair, savoring gulab jamun, how she “only needs just a little bit”. I love watching my mother enjoy that gooey, saccharine dessert. And lassis. Ohhhh, mango lassis…


I don’t eat too much dairy. I’ve lost my taste for cow’s milk. But goat milk kefir is something I’ll swipe off the health food shelf when I’ve got an extra $8 lounging around in my gifted wallet. It’s tangy, smooth and just feels nourishing. It tastes like tradition. Can you get down with that?


Anyways, you have to drink a lot of it before the expiration date. So sometimes it’s milk for chia pudding, or a welcome addition to oatmeal… or sometimes you throw cucumbers into it, smother your salmon and crucifers and sheepishly call it “raita”.

Sesam Kefir Raita

1 cup goat milk kefir

1 tbsp sesame seeds

3 tbsp minced cucumber

1 tsp curry powder

sea salt to taste


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