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The Lovey Things


Four years ago, I went to a Thai restaurant with my best friends on this day. It was snowy and we were 19 and documented everything quite well… myriad pictures on snowy sidewalks, freshman year of music school.  

Three years ago, I was somewhere between NYC and Cleveland (as it’s so often been), auditioning with hundreds of me-s for summer jobs. Two boys, rowdy and (I thought) way too cool to be my friends, told me to “take chances” in their guffawing, irreverent manner. I decided to.


Two years ago when I woke up at 6 AM to squeeze into ballet tights and snow boots, he had set up an animation on his computer, set to oldies, pictures of us so happy. That was the biggest 6 AM smile I remember.

A year ago I was in Florida on a school trip. I think it was raining. I was wearing a boxy t-shirt and school hopping, singing for teenagers. 

This year, it’s a sunny morning after a massive snowfall. Yesterday was sleet, cotton snow, wind, lightning, and perpetual drip. I like that. I like this, too. I bought new coffee yesterday and now it sits by my side, brewed and mingled with coconut cream. Today I’m seeing some of my favorite speakers do their thang at the V-Day Just Love Event. Today I am walking slowly, today I am wearing a skirt, today I am breathing deeply. Today I am sending out love, putting down roots into that. “Bare attention and love are exactly the same thing.” -Brene Brown


To days of celebration, daze of lust, and many lifetimes focusing, touching this moment, loving what is. Happy Saint Valentine’s Day, all!


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