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Find Your Version


Your food is what you think it is.
Is your food making you fat? Is your food cleansing and beautiful? Is your food making you sick, bent over in pain, light?


Your food is with your life.
The latte tastes different at 6 AM on the way to work than it does at 2 in the afternoon at the outdoor cafe with your new lover.

Watch where you connect your inner, expanding, confusing, painful, glorious life to what you put in your mouth. Let it be delicious. Consciously nourish yourself.


I got the hell outta Dodge this weekend. Up above, that’s my Metro North ticket tucked into my socks. I climbed a mountain. I’d never been hiking alone before. My legs were (are) swollen, my feet were soaking wet, I got lost and intentionally slid down a snowy cliff on my yoga-pants-butt. I walked on the slight shoulder of a highway two miles back into town, honked at and squelching in my boots. I was so, so happy.

Practically sleepwalking, I ordered a gouda avocado panini and a coffee at a small cafe. Nothing has ever tasted so good. My body accepted that food so well. Totally satisfied. Total smile.


It wasn’t so much the gooey, white bread crispiness that left me high. It was where I’d been, the way my attitude got wrung out and re-stretched by the hike, the way I remembered how to breathe. The way I lived that day.

Be healthy. Find your version. Do not look around. Look inside. Look while you hike, maybe…


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