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Urban Detox Club and Magic Miso Sauce

Howdy, folks! It’s been a great weekend around these parts. Yesterday I went to the Shaklee NYC Conference and got to hear all about my teammates’ transformations and how they built their businesses. The community in the room was palpable and being reminded of that in a work environment… well, methinks that’s important.

I also have jumped on the Urban Detox Club wagon this weekend! Two of my Shaklee mentors, Rebecca Sadek and Jen Morris, designed this one-week “straightforward program that will give you results quickly while simultaneously helping you create a permanent healthy lifestyle… (they) keep it down to Earth, doable and as entertaining as possible.” The UDC has been featured on the brilliant Well+Good NYC and I’m so excited to be on their team of Health Coaches.


The program is tried and true and is focused on consuming extra-nourishing whole foods while eliminating common dietary irritants- caffeine, dairy, gluten and sugar. Let’s reframe this, though. So often, the whole “cleanse” or “detox” community focuses on what the food is NOT. But let me tell you what a good cleanse (like this one) is full of:

Sweetness, experimentation, confidence revolutions, nourishment, clearer skin and clearer thinking, food that loves you back, recipes to inspire you, richness and freedom. A good cleanse rebuilds you from the inside out: mind, body and soul.

I’m thrilled that I’ll be an Urban Detox Club Health Coach in a few weeks. I can’t wait to talk people towards health and happiness. That’s kind of all I want to do. But first- I cleanse myself!


Despite my training and copious reading on wellness, there are a few “trends” I’ve never committed to. For instance, I’ve never gone gluten-free… it felt intimidating and rude to bakeries. (You don’t want to insult those guys.) The UDC, however, involves none of the allegedly sticky and allergy-inducing bread-stuff. I’m ready for it. Cutting out gluten can relieve a lot of pesky, “every day” symptoms like bloating, diarrhea, acne, eczema, colds and congestion.

I’ll be keeping you guys updated on how it’s going for me. This way of eating is pretty similar to how I eat already, just sans the occasional sample cookies and TJ’s mac ‘n’ cheese cups, so I’ll be interested to see what cutting specific foods out of my diet does for me. I am nerd-ily excited about this. For now, here’s my most recent UDC meal…



That bad boy is salmon, kale, cucumbers and roasted brussels sprouts slathered in my Magic Miso Sauce… it’s an almond-y take on Thai Peanut Sauce, but seriously health boosted. I’ve crammed in raw honey, turmeric, fresh minced garlic and ginger… and oh, how I wish I could give you the recipe! I’ve submitted it to http://www.mindbodygreen.com, however, and can’t post it on here yet in case it gets accepted. Either way, you’ll get it within two weeks! Until then, friends, breathe deep, go outside and dance publicly. That’s the real recipe for well being. (Shhh, don’t tell…)

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  1. Colleen says

    I love the magic miso ! I only had raw almonds so I made it in my vitamix and added a bit more water and some grape seed oil, it turned out a little thicker, like a paste, but when I spread it on a warm piece of salmon or fold it into some warm noodles. It is going to be so wonderful! ( if I don’t finish it off with a spoon first. ) I also had turmeric root and used that. I can’t tell you how much I loved it and I know it will be a family favorite for years to come. All the healthy ingredients you used were what I was after, but what came from it is absolute D- lish ! Thank you.

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