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Lavanilla Coconut Scrub

My most “Libran” tendency is most likely my penchant for the lovely… the aesthetically pleasing, the sweet smelling, the dreams that float up from a beautiful place or experience. It follows suit that I’ve always sought out perfumes, tinctures and other “beauty-enhancing” products… and since studying at IIN and developing my interest in holistic health, it follows suit that I’d like to make my own, thank you very much.



This Lavanilla Coconut Scrub brings together some loves of mine:

equal parts coconut oil and brown (or turbinado) sugar

ten drops lavender essential oil

one half tsp pure vanilla extract

sprinkle of cinnamon

It could hardly be easier… melt your coconut oil and stir in the sugar once it’s removed from heat. Drop in your lavender oil, vanilla and cinnamon. Inhale… deeply. Because that, my friends, is a “yum”.

Exfoliating just feels good. It should smell good too. Not to mention the healthy fats and moisture you’re lending your skin in these blustery months.

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